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Indigenous Sovereignty

Knowledge is power, since 2017 we have been growing our community networks, gathering information and resources on the following topics:

Mātauranga Māori/ Indigenous AI/ Indigenous Data Sovereignty/ Indigenous Food Sovereignty/ Indigenous Land & restoration of the environment/ Rematriation/ 

RN+ will continually evolve as we transition. It is our goal to create an independent repository of Indigenous Knowledge working with the technology that is available to us.


Unfortunately, technology comes at a great cost not only to the environment but also to global Indigenous communities.


Our research aims to seek a better pathway.  

IAIA Indigenous AI Awareness

Te Mana Raraunga 
Principles of Māori Data Sovereignty

Māori Data Sovereignty 

Native Land Digital 

Whose Land are You On?

Mapping Global Indigenous Territories 

Indigenous labels systems within Institutions:



Search for your work in popular AI training datasets

Bloom - Responsible AI License 

Track & reduce CO2 emissions from your computing

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