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Our Roots

What if a solution to the environmental issues of today, exists hidden within the design of the oldest technology in the world and resides beneath our feet?

Net+ is a collaborative that focuses on reciprocal engagement with the environment.

The goal is to give back more than we extract to benefit the natural environment and provide for future generations.

The platform brings together knowledge, information, and data to grow a multi-media Net+ community resource.

The aim is to assist in the transition towards Net+ environmental exchanges for the benefit of our health and wellbeing, now and into the future.

Region Net Positive Ltd is a Mātauranga Māori led research community hub that focuses on empowerment, resilience, and collaboration. The platform builds connections with a global network of Indigenous grassroots research projects and is a research partner with several Indigenous-led initiatives.

RN+ is committed to mapping transitional net+ pathways with Indigenous ancestral knowledge systems to activate inclusive and beneficial futures.

RN+ is collaborating in several funded projects:

In Canada Indigenous led non-profit Native Land Digital, counter - mapping global Indigenous territories.

In Aotearoa the Vision Mātauranga Māori funded project Te Aho Tapu Hou,

Science for Technology and Innovation funded project Te Muka Taura and associated Massey University Research Funded Te Mara o Waitae. 

Kaimanāki o te Ngahere arts-based research project commissioned by Toi Taiao Whakatairanga, Mobilising for Action and Biological Heritage National Science Challenge.

This year Kaumoana: navigating Iwi led research regenerating biodiversity with aquaculture, funded by Faculty Strategic Research Grant SHEADI, Victoria University of Wellington. 

Mana o te Mātauranga
Visualising futures working with ancestral Indigenous Knowledge Systems:
Indigenous Speculative Design
Indigenous Speculative Fiction
Indigenous Futurism
Design Narratives
Imagining & Applying Environmental Diversity Towards Net+ Futures

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Planting a Tree

Dreaming pathways towards net+ interaction with Te Taiao the natural world from an indigenous perspective.

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